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Defensive Driving

Learn Defensive Driving Skills at Belhasa Driving Center.

Most Motorists are not intentionally dangerous. They want to be responsible drivers and to interact safely with others on the road. However many lack the knowledge and understanding of the risks involved in driving or they miss the skills, attitude or motivation to do so.

As soon as you see a mistake and don’t fix it, it becomes your mistake.

Our Defensive Driving Course covers all the basic and important aspects of defensive driving. We impart your practical training on respective vehicle of their desired course. Our course focuses on driving aspects like safe driving technique, positive attitude and behavior and systematic driving. We also provide the students with knowledge and training on other aspects of driving like identification of blind spots, skids and their avoidance, avoiding of emergency situations, the effects of alcohol/stress/fatigue, etc. We provide our students with theoretical and practical sessions on hazards that include both potential and actual involved while driving.

Our Defensive Driving Course has been designed according to the International safe driving practices. The course will create safer drivers who are able to think actively about their behavior and also the behavior of other road users.

Our defensive driving course removes your stress while driving. The students who pass the course are able to be more confident while driving and have a positive attitude. The course attendees are also less likely to suffer from an accident.

The defensive driving course is designed for all kinds of vehicles, including light motor vehicle, heavy truck and bus, light bus, and motorcycle. As well safe operation courses for Mechanical equipments.

“Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent”

You can join now and register yourself for the course by making a call to BDC. We provide a discount to companies who send multiple delegates to us for defensive driving training.