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Defensive Desert Driving

Learn Safe and Futuristic Desert Driving Skills!

Our exclusive course on Desert Driving focuses on inculcating driving skills in students for off- road and desert driving. It is a full day course which teaches the students about handling and driving aspects of a 4 x 4 automobile in the awesome deserts of UAE. The student is allotted a very friendly instructor of the same gender who teaches the student the desert driving skills in the language the student prefers. Our instructors are highly experienced professionals from highly technical driving backgrounds. Therefore, you will be in highly safe hands at the time you are in the desert learning the desert driving skills.

Our thorough desert driving courses are designed to inculcate all kinds of driving skills in the student including ascents, descents, soft sand driving, traversing, etc. We also emphasize on other aspects of desert driving like desert survival and self-recovery methods.

The procedure and style of imparting our course modules have a simple yet powerful impact on the learner who is able to learn desert driving skills in a short time. The course has been drafted and brought to practice after extensive research. The course itself has been divided into 6 phases viz. Introduction to off-road driving; Techniques of driving in high sand dunes; Enhancement of driving skills in the deep sand; Driving skills enrichment while driving in the soft sand; Self recovery techniques; and Survival in the desert.

We also impart the student mechanical knowledge of the vehicles which is vital for exploiting the full strength and maneuverability of any vehicle. The knowledge becomes all the more important in the desert and many-a-times knowledge of the vehicle is crucial for desert driving or desert survival.

BDC instructors will also provide you knowledge of the desert situations and topographies so that you are more comfortable and confident while driving a vehicle into the desert. We provide the students survival tips so that they are on top of every adverse situation and sail through the abnormalities with ease.

For enrolling in the program, you have to get yourself registered at BDC desert driving course. We also offer discounts for multiple enrollments.