Course Details

Learn Motorcycle Riding in the most exciting manner!

The Motorcycle Riding Learning course offered at BDC is designed after extensive research. The course offers a complete package of all the driving learning skills that are associated with motorcycle riding. The course is effective in developing advanced motorcycle riding learning skills in new beginners who want to ride motorcycles and have no experience in this regard. We also have one other course which is specially designed for old motorcycle riders who wish to refresh the motorcycle riding skills and would like to take their motorcycle riding skills to the next level. The courses cover all the essential and minute aspects of motorcycle riding like handling a motorcycle in difficult terrains and adverse situations, riding a motorcycle in city traffic including high traffic, etc. Some of the minute aspects of motorcycle riding learning course are:

1. Understanding the usage of the systems involved in motorcycle control.

2. Starting and stopping drills.

3. Moving brake test.

4. Maneuverability training.

5. Positioning of the motorcycle.

6. Accurate and smooth usage of hand and foot controls.

7. Learning of defensive driving capabilities.

Eligibility conditions for joining the course

  1. The student must be at least 17 years amd 6 months of age.



Documents Required

Documentary requirements

1. Original UAE ID card.

2. passport copy with valid Dubai Residence Visa copy.

3. 3 passport size photographs.

4. Eye test pass certification.

5. NOC from sponsor.

6. license copy from home country if avaliable.

7. license copy from Dubai if available.

Students from other countries who have a motorcycle riding license can also register for the course. They must have their riding license. These students will have to attend fewer classes in comparison to the beginner level students. They can also get a new license at BDC if they do not have such license. This license will grant them permission for riding a motorcycle in UAE and not in their home/original country.

We have in-house eye testing facilities. Therefore if a student has not got his/her eye tested, he/she can get it done at Belhasa Driving Center itself.

We provide one-to-one student instructor ratio which means that each student has a single instructor. This ensures that each student gets individualized attention of the instructor and learns the course at his/her own pace. The student can learn the course in any language he/she wants.

Course Fee

 MC TOTAL RATES     (Motorcycle)   
15 HOURS4265 AED4865 AED5465 AED6965 AED8465 AED
8 HOURS3525 AED3845 AED4165 AED4965 AED5765 AED
15 HOURS1800 AED2400 AED3000 AED4500 AED6000 AED
8 HOURS960 AED2400 AED1600 AED2400 AED3200 AED
REG.w/RTA BOOK & EYETEST          805 AED   
8 LECTURES with 50% discount              600 AED   
THEORY / SIGNAL TEST                    290 AED   
PRELIMINARY TEST                            100 AED   
YARD TEST                                              300 AED   
ASSESSMENT TEST                     100 AED   
ROAD TEST                                           300 AED   
LICENSE FEES                                    370 AED