Heavy Fork Lift

Course Details

Learn Specialized Driving!

Our futuristic school offers you the most advanced course for operating heavy forklift/ shovel. The minute aspects of the course are:

1. Identifications of the regulations for operation.

2. Identification of the job site hazards.

3. Identification of the safety guidelines.

4. Identification and demonstration of maintenance and inspection works of the vehicle.

5. Identification and demonstration of the hand signals that are used for operating the vehicle.

6. Identification of the set up (vehicle, electronic, etc.) that is required for performing the tasks.

7. Identification and demonstration of the operational techniques.

The course will enable you to pass the RTA driving test. Once you pass the test, you will be able to Operate Heavy Forklifts/Shovels.

We have also included all the technical and mechanical knowhow in our forklift operating course. Separate and detailed lessons are provided on the engine and loading capacity of the forklift, use of different types of levers and their control, operation of the forklift in different working areas and extreme weather conditions, etc. After passing the course, you will be able to increase the efficiency of the forklift, reduce the maintenance expenditures of the Machine, significantly reduce the number of accidents that may occur and improve your Forklift operating skills. We also provide specific lectures and training sessions on the loading aspects of forklifts. You will learn about the right angle of load adjustment, usage of the loading bucket with levers at different levels of bucket operation and other minute aspects of the load bucket operation.

Eligibility for joining the Forklift Operator Course

There are certain conditions that you must fulfill in order to join the Forklift Driver Course at Belhasa Driving Center

1. You must be at least 20 years of age.

2. You must have good vision so that you can pass the eye test at Belhasa Driving Center.

3. If you have a traffic fine, then you must clear the fine so that your traffic file can be opened.

Documents Required

Document requirements for joining the Forklift Driver Course

1. passport copy with valid Dubai Residence Visa copy.

2. UAE ID card or Emirates ID card.

3. Eye Test Certification if you have already passed the test from a registered optical.

4. NOC (No Objection certificate) from the employer.

5. 3 passport size photographs.

We offer a one-to-one instructor student ratio for learning the course. You can learn the course in any language you want.

Course Fee

Heavy Forklift HFRL  TOTAL RATES      
HFRL 20 HOURS5715 AED6115 AED 
HFRL 20 HOURS3600 AED4000 AED 
LECTURES                                                               *   
THEORY / SIGNAL TEST                                260 AED 
ASSESSMENT TEST                                      100 AED 
ROAD TEST (for HFRL)                                   330 AED 
ROAD TEST(for LFRL)                                 300 AED 
LICENSE FEES                                                 520 AED 


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