Heavy Bus (HVB)/ Light Vehicle Bus (LVB)

Course Details

Become A Professional Driver!

At Belhasa Driving Center, we offer specialized training courses for driving heavy and light buses. The course is designed after extensive research and touches on all basic and fine aspects of heavy bus driving. The main focus is on areas including an increase in safety margins, up gradation and improvement of customer service, reduction of vehicle running cost and improvement in passenger relations. We have amalgamated new and most modern defensive driving techniques into the course. The course also includes sessions on the modern and accepted coach driver practices.

The course prepares the students for the heavy bus driver exam. After successfully completing the course, they are able to pass the traffic police RTA driving test. The students can also obtain the Dubai Driving License under Category 6. The student can drive passenger buses in Dubai and UAE once he/she completes the course and passes the RTA bus driver road test.

The course structure has many of the same technical components that are found in other courses. The additions are in areas of passenger safety and care. Apart from driving the bus, the driver should also care for other aspects such as sitting arrangement of children, grabbing of the hand rails, handling of emergency situations like accident or fire, etc.

Eligibility for the Heavy and Light Bus Driver Course Need to segregate Heavy & Light bus information

1. The applicant must be at least 21 years of age.

2. Students who have Light Motor Vehicle Driving License and an experience of 3 years or more can apply for the course.

New Eligibility Conditions Requirements issued by RTA

RTA also requires the commercial drivers to undergo medical fitness exams. A driver will only get his/her commercial driver license/permit after successfully passing the medical fitness test. The procedure for appearing for the fitness test is as follows:(For Heavy and light buses medical fitness not required)

1. You have to register with a driving institute (BDC) and open your traffic file.

2. You will have to appear for the RTA medical; fitness exam at an RTA approved medical center during your training period.

Other Conditions of Eligibility

The student must pass the optical test or eye test that specifically meets the requirements of the bus driver eye judging criteria. The applicant should pass all the yard tests, road tests and undertake all the practical training classes successfully.

Course structure

The student has to register himself/herself at the Belhasa Driving Center. After attending the mandatory initial sessions, he/she will be required to appear for a theory test. The student will then have to appear for the yard test which includes slope and offset (reverse) test. There will be training classes also. Once the student clears the yard test, he/she is eligible for the bus road test. The bus driver license is issued after the student passes the road test.

Documents Required

Document requirements for registering for the course

**Age should be 21 years or older

1. passport copy with valid Dubai Residence Visa copy.

2. 3 Passport sized photographs.

3. Online eye test passing certification. The students can appear for the eye test at Belhasa Driving Center or any other optical center that is duly registered.

4. NOC from the sponsor.

5. Original UAE Driving License and copy (IF available).

6. A person who has a traffic-fine, must first clear the fine so that his/her traffic file can be opened.

We offer one to one instructor-student ratio for learning the course. You can learn the course in any language you want.

Note. Assessment test is not mentioned which is conducted by BDC. Heavy and bus must be segregated because both have deferent procedures. Direct road test student also has deferent procedures.

Course Fee

 (Light Bus / Heavy Bus)LVB / HVB TOTAL RATES     
 LVB 10 HOURS4275 AED*
 HVB 20 HOURS5675 AED6475 AED
 LVB 5 HOURS   750 AED *
 LVB 10 HOURS1500 AED*
 HVB 20 HOURS3200 AED4000 AED
 REG.w/RTA BOOK & EYETEST          905 AED
 LECTURES (for LVB)                            400 AED
 THEORY / SIGNAL TEST                      290 AED
 YARD TEST                                              330 AED
 ASSESSMENT TEST                             100 AED
 ROAD TEST                                           330 AED
 LICENSE FEES                                        520 AED
 LICENSE FEES ( for LVB)                      420 AED


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