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Dubai offers the most extensive and excellent network of roads and allied infrastructure. Driving can be a tempting indulgence but it is necessary to have a valid driving license before you can start with your favorite automobile.

At BDC, we help the teens to obtain their learning permits. We also enhance independence and confidence in adult drivers through our most modern driving learning programs which are real in nature.

Safety is our primary concern. We also inculcate defense driving in learners so that are able to drive with ease among other drivers on the road.

We maintain a fleet of around 700 automobiles and have almost the same number of instructors. We offer modern basic, advanced and real courses for learning driving skills. Our automobile driving learning Center provide training for driving buses, trucks, light motor vehicles, plants, shovels, forklifts, and motorcycles, etc. We select an instructor carefully after scrutinizing various aspects of the learner/client including his/her sex, ethnic origin, language etc so that the student and the instructor are able to have a healthy relationship that is devoid of barriers such as communication and gender etc.

Our seasoned and highly experienced professional instructors make learning of driving enjoyable and fun. We maintain a complete database of all our customers from the point they enter our school to the point of their obtaining license and permits.

Though we advertise often, most of our clients come through referrals. This shows the high level of confidence that we have in our clients and passed out students. We are an ISO certified company. To enhance our own skills and the skills of our learners, we are regularly in touch with the foreign driving professionals and latest driving learning programs.

I hope that you are able to get all the information you are looking for on the website. Contact me directly through email for any personal query or suggestion. We value our customers and pride us on being the most customer friendly driving Center in UAE.

Happy Day!

Saif Ahmed Belhasa

Chairman and Managing Director

Belhasa Driving Center


Company Profile

Become An Expert At Driving!

We at Belhasa Driving Center (BDC) began our journey back in the year 2001 in the month of October when the novel concept of a futuristic driving school was born in the mind of our managing director Mr. Saif Ahmed Belhasa.

Now we not only maintain an extensive fleet of around 700 modern automobiles of all kinds, but also have some of the most seasoned and highly experienced names in the field of professional driving. Our driving learning courses provide basic and advanced driving tutorials, lectures/classes/practical sessions for variety of automobiles including light motor vehicles, trucks, buses, forklifts, shovels, motorcycles and many other vehicles. Thousands of students have successfully completed their driving learning courses and sessions at BDC and have obtained permit/license for driving.

Fully Accredited and Recognized

Most of our courses are on par with the international and western standards. We were awarded the “Most Recognized Driving Center in Dubai” award in the year 2007 and the CEO award of “Expansionist CEO” was bestowed on us in the year 2011.

We partner with some of the top most international driving learning centers to inculcate in our students the safest and most modern driving skills. We are certified by ISO and by other national and international driving center institutions and associations.

Most Modern Real Sessions for Driving Learning

Our advanced driving skill development programs are developed after extensive research and study. Through the programs, we aim to improve the driving skills of our students in the areas of desert driving, defensive driving and expat orientation etc. We also have refresher courses for beginners and teens. We also have a “Disabled Driver Program” for those who cannot drive a vehicle by using foot pedals.

We have the most modern infrastructure, an extensive and modern vehicle fleet, a large team of seasoned professionals/instructors and a wide variety of driving learning programs for all kinds of students.

Superb Facilities

At our facility, you will get the entire necessary infrastructure which will keep you joyful and energetic. We have a reception and registration area, lecture theatres, waiting rooms, safety halls, instructor training center, play area, cafeterias and other refreshing and engaging places that will help you get absorbed in our wonderful driving school. One section of our premises is dedicated solely to ladies and consists of female instructor, receptionists, and all other female staff. The section is especially for women clients and customers who wish to obtain a driving license or want to enhance/improve their driving learning skills.

Vision & Mission

Mission and Vision

Aiming To Promote Expert Yet Safe Driving In The Nation!

Belhasa Driving Center has provided training and expertise in driving skills to thousands of learners belonging to all age groups.


To promote Safe Driving in future and existing road users by delivering effective and professional driving education of highest standards and to achieve highest level of customer satisfaction and confidence in the quality and integrity of the training provided through interactive ways in Light Motor Vehicle, Motor Cycle, Industrial cum Commercial Vehicles, Advanced Motorists Training for all categories and OFF road courses and contributing towards a Safe Driving Community.


To establish Belhasa Driving Center (BDC) as the premier Driving Training Center in the region by educating and shaping future and existing road users into Safe Drivers by maintaining our uncompromising standards whilst we grow thus achieving Road Safety.

Core Values

• Collaboration – Work as a Team

• Integrity – Do what is Right

• Credibility – Walk the Talk

• Accountability – Own your Actions

• Respect – Value Everyone

• Excellence – Be your Best

Quality Policy

We are committed to maintaining high standards of quality in our driving learning programs. It is necessary for our staff to achieve certain quality standards to remain with us. Our high success ratio reflects our thorough professionalism and committed approach towards providing quality service and achieving the highest customer satisfaction rate.

Quality Message

We provide each student with 100 % attention and our skill developments courses not only impart education and driving learning sessions, but also inculcate qualities like safe driving, confidence, etc. in the student. Our professional instructors help students to drive like a pro. We follow a step by step approach to driving learning process and persevere with patience, so that our students are able to achieve and exceed their driving learning goals.