Learn Advanced Light Fork Lift Driving (Operating) Skills!

The Light Fork Lift Driving Learning Course is specially designed by the Forklift Driving
Professionals after extensive research.
The course covers all the basic, minute and modern elements of Light Forklift Driving and
provides for safe driving techniques learning and advance skill attainment. The drivers are able
to avoid accidents and are also more efficient after successfully completing the course.

The course training sessions and practical classes include:

1. Introduction to all kinds of forklifts.
2. Practical works of forklifts.
3. Pre-operation safety checks for light forklifts.
4. Inspection and maintenance during takeovers.
5. Use of all features of the hydraulic system including controls, levers etc.
6. Stacking and de-stacking of forklifts.
7. Knowledge and overcoming of adverse situations like fatigue, stress, alcohol, etc.
8. The session on aspects like building of free standing stacks, stability and load handling,
9. Assessment of practical driving.
10. Transportation of loads in the confined areas including ramps, etc.

Our course provides for detailed sessions on loading and engine capacity. The student learns how
to use the levers and other controls more efficiently. The student is able to operate the forklift in
different areas and situations and can also work in all types of weather situations including tough
and adverse situations after successfully passing the course. The special training sessions focus
on aspects like improvement of forklift operation skills, increase of efficiency and reduction of
forklift maintenance expenses etc.
The light weight forklifts mostly are below 7 tons. The students will be taught how to adjust the
load angles and how to load different kinds of materials.

Documentary requirements for joining the diver learner course

1. Original emirates of UAE ID card.

2. Passport (Not required) and two copies of the passport with valid Dubai residence
3. 4 Photographs of passport size.
4. Eye test passing certification.
5. NOC or No Objection Certificate from the employer.

You can join the course at any of the branches of Belhasa Driving Center or at the main center
itself. We also have in-house facilities for the eye test. You can get the training in any language
you want. We provide one-to-one student-teacher ratio so that the each student gets the
individual attention of the instructors. You can learn the course in any language you want.
Note. We suggest merging the information about heavy/light forklifts on one page with the name
of mechanical equipment course