Driver Course for Heavy Truck Driving (HVT)

Polish Your Skills For Heavy Truck Driving!

Our Heavy Truck Driving Learning Course aims to increase safety margins and reduce the vehicle’s running costs. To attain the said goals, we have amalgamated the course with the latest defensive driving practices and techniques. The course also aims to improve the performance and safety of the driver. It encourages the attainment of a positive driving attitude in the drivers and students. Moreover, it enhances the awareness and professionalism of the heavy truck drivers.

Course structure

Our course covers all the basic and minute elements of truck driving including:

  • Practical training sessions and lectures.
  • Development of systematic driving skills.
  • Knowledge of adverse factors like fatigue, stress, and alcohol.
  • Avoidance of skids.
  • Handling of emergency and adverse situations.
  • The course prepares the students for the heavy truck driving course. After successfully completing the course at BDC, the students will be able to pass the RTA driving test for heavy trucks. They will be allotted their licenses by RTA under category 6. 4
  • RTA’s new requirements for truck driver license.
  • To obtain the truck driver license, a student is also required to pass successfully the medical fitness test from an RTA approved medical center.

Eligibility for joining the Truck Driving Learning Course

The eligibility conditions for driving the course are:

  • The student must be at least 20 years of age.
  • He/she must have proper eyesight and must be certified as having good eyesight from a licensed optical center.

Documents requirements for joining the truck driver course

  • 2 passport copies with a valid Dubai Residence Visa.
  • Original Emirates or UAE ID card.
  • 4 passport size photographs.
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate from the Sponsor).

Registrations for the course

Students can register themselves for the course at any branch of Belhasa Driving Center or at its main center. We have in-house facilities for conducting the eye test. We offer a one-to-one instructor student ratio for learning the course. The student can learn the course in any language he/she wants.