Extensive Range Of Topics That Make Expert Drivers! 

The courses at BDC are designed after extensive research done by highly professional instructors. They cover all the basic, advanced and minute aspects of driving. Some of the topics covered in lectures and practical sessions are:
Introduction to driving in UAE
  • About BDC
  • The driving license
  • Responsible driving
  • Question and answer sessions
Traffic signs, signals and road markings
  • Traffic signs signals and road markings
  • Discussion time
  • Question and answer
Rules of the road
  •  Lane discipline observance
  • Roundabouts and intersections
  • Discussion time
  • Questions and answers
  • Signaling and turns
  • Discussion time
  • Questions and answers
Driving test checklist
  • The elements of driving (lecture, practical and paper)
  • Questions and answers
Specific driving learning courses have specific content. The course of Forklift, LMV, Truck, Bus, etc. teaches the minute aspects of driving these vehicles specifically. We have a vigorous practical training module and also have simulated sessions. We aim to obtain a 100% success ratio so that all our students are expert drivers and can drive their vehicles in all kinds of terrains. We also have special lectures on defensive driving so that the student drives the vehicles more safely and has lesser chances of meeting an accident.