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Frequently Ask Questions - FAQ
Question: What documents are required to apply for UAE Driving License?
Documents required to apply for a UAE License are as follows
1. Original Passport.
2. No Objection letter from the sponsor.
3. Passport Copy with Visa Page (Can be arranged at Belhasa Driving Center)
4. 5 Photograph (Can be arranged at Belhasa Driving Center)
5. Eye Test (Can be arranged at Belhasa Driving Center).

Question: Can i apply for a driving license at the age of 17?
you are eligible to get a Motor Cycle driving license at the age of 17.
For Light Motor Vehicle your age should be 18 years.

Question: Can i apply for a Dubai driving license holding Auh/Shj/Ajman Visa?
You can apply on approval from the Traffic Dept. RTA (Head Office).

Question: How frequently can i get my road test after failing the first road test?
Answer: Every Week at Belhasa Driving Center.

Question: What Documents required for Transfer files from other Schools?
Answer: Noc from the school stating that you have cleared your accounts and they have no objection for you to transfer your file to another school.
Traffic files which includes NOC from sponsor, eye test, passport copy and RTA receipt.
Learning Permit.

Question: Can i drive a light bus on No.3 driving license?
Answer: If your Light Motor no.3 Driving License is completed 3 years from the date of issue and if your profession on your visa is Driver you are Eligible to obtain a Light Bus Driving license through the Road and Transport Authorities (RTA) Department only.

Question: Can i apply for few lesson after holding a valid UAE license?
Answer: Yes you can apply for a Refreshment course holding UAE driving license through our Advance Motor Dept. (Al Wasl). Belhasa Driving Center 04 - 324 3535.

Question: Where can i apply for a Desert Safari License?
Answer: You can apply for a Desert Safari License at Belhasa Driving Center Advance Motorist Department 04 - 324 3535.


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